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Complex Real Estate Business Transactions

California Complex Real Estate and Business Transactions Attorney

Whether you are preparing to buy a house or are involved in a commercial dispute, the right legal advice at the outset can protect your immediate and long-term interests. The Law Office of Kevin F. Gillespie A Professional Corporation provides insightful counsel for complex business and real estate transactions, as well as aggressive and cost-effective representation in litigation and dispute resolution.

Complex transactions

With more than 20 years of experience, I can readily spot red flags in pending business transactions and real estate deals. My services include:

  • Drafting or review of real estate agreements
  • Drafting complex settlement agreements
  • Preparation and review of other business contracts, commercial leases and agreements

Legal counsel for buying or selling a home

I also assist home buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. The process can be exciting and stressful, and having a real estate lawyer who knows the local market and the real estate laws of California is necessary today. I know the questions to ask and alert you to any concerns prior to closing the deal.

Residential sales agreements can be complex contracts, and there may be lurking dangers — undisclosed defects, unknown liens against the property or lack of protection if the deal falls through. I can:

  • Carefully draft or review the purchase agreement
  • Help negotiate the transaction to protect your interest
  • Ensure you get a proper inspection
  • Establish clear title and obtain title insurance
  • Verify mortgage commitments
  • Attend your closing settlement to address any last-minute issues

Helping businesses make sound decisions

When going into business, it is important that you as an owner understand how to make decisions that can stimulate financial growth. If you are involved in complex business transactions, there are several factors to consider before making these decisions. To protect the future of your business, it is important to seek legal advice that can set your company off in the right direction.

I provide general corporate counsel to a wide variety of clients involved in complex business transactions — small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, manufacturing companies, sales firms, real estate associations and various partnerships.

Complex business transactions require a straightforward approach

When facing any complex business transactions dispute, it is important to look at the situation from a long-term perspective before making decisions. We can assist you in looking out for your present and future business interests. We have helped clients throughout California with a wide-range of complex business transactions issues, such as:

  • Purchase/sell agreements
  • Shareholder, partnership and limited liability company agreements
  • Contract litigation
  • Business entities and partnerships
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Transitional process of family-owned businesses

We understand that not every situation requires litigation, so we also offer legal options in the form of alternative dispute resolutions for more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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